Game PUBG Mobile – Hot Game Spreading aroung the World


It has only been in the gaming industry for over a year, but can not be denied the success that PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) has brought to the gaming community worldwide in general and Vietnam in particular.

In the first few months after launch, the game has beaten every opponent on the PC game chart in Korea to reach the top spot. Success on the PC, the game also created a fever with the mobile game.

Game PUBG mobile is the product of Tencent (China) has topped the mobile game charts of IOS and Android. Developed based on the PC version of Korea, PUBG mobile is the most complete version for gamers like this type of shooter.

Game PUBG mobile is a shooting game, in which the player must play alone to confront the other 99 players on a large island. You will find the weapons and ammunition needed to fight for survival. Top 1 on the rankings will determine your reward.

In addition to the features that makes PUBG mobile game different:

  • Unlike the PC version, PUBG mobile game graphics simulate true to every detail. The bad news is that the PUBG version of the PC will have to spend more hardware for the next update. So the map interface is optimized for the mobile version.
  • Players will receive daily sign-up bonus and gifts when new events are opened.
  • Experience will be accumulated when you complete the task daily.
  • The Crew system makes it easy to connect with players who have teamed up in previous games.
  • The automatic pickup system makes it easier for gamers to experience the game than to have to modify and adjust the weapon complexly.

The most special thing that makes PUBG mobile game more attractive to players is the existence of BOT system. This is a virtual machine that is capable of fighting as a gamer but of course it will not be as clever and resourceful as a real person. This will help you to easily kill them to improve the performance and the ability to win higher when fighting with 100 real players. However, the BOT only appears at low levels to help players practice their skills, but the higher the level, the harder it is to confront 100 real players.

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